Oakley Airwave goggles – Snow sports lovers’ tech laden stylish gadget

November 3, 2012 Gaurav Sood Gear

We all love snow and its every guys dream to ski on the rough icy snow, coming down like a gust of wild wind from the lofty peaks descending to the base of the mountains. It certainly, is the greatest thrill and to add a new dimension to this beautiful, adventure sport; Oakley has introduced new sun-glasses with interactive maps, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc. These snow goggles or sun-snow reflectors (as that is their main purpose) are not just simple optical wonder but are stuffed with advanced technology too. Although, these ultra-advanced Oakley Airwave goggles contain a very small screen, but it provides the viewer with proximity of 14-inch display. This results in a heads up display (HUD) which instantly delivers important Airwave information like distance, airtime, temperature, velocity, altitude and over 600 resort addresses on maps with the help of awesome sensors integrated in it.

These smart goggles also have Bluetooth connectivity and can additionally be linked to smartphones, which then can be tuned with an iPod. The control of these Oakley goggles is actuated with a wrist controller having a big-fat button, worn on any one of your wrists. Oakley has released a SDK (software development kit) that allows the users to come up with their own applications and supported devices and one can already find a third-party heart monitor and stop-watch apps for it. Oakley itself has both an iOS and Android apps released alongside the Airwave Ski.

Priced at around US$600, the Oakley goggles are quite expensive and are available in stores for purchase. So, if you love the fun in the sun on a lofty snowy peak, have an Oakley!

Via: GadgetReview