Sanpei optics brings sunglasses with headphones- View & listen to the world around you in style

November 2, 2012 Gaurav Sood Gear

Nobody would have ever imagined that at some point, there is going to be a revolution in the field of gadgetry and that too alone in wear-able technology! But the human mind is never at rest with new concepts, innovative ideas and above all curiosity. The process of this positive thinking & approach of a group of talented guys from Sanpei Optics has resulted into the development of sunglasses which are also a pair of headphones. Though, they may appear simple but still these are beautiful both in appearance and functioning.

This ingenious design allows the sunglasses to be worn with or without earphones. The hinged arms of the sunglasses accommodate the ear buds in them holding them steady and the person wearing it can be absolutely comfortable wearing the glasses with ear buds or both the things individually. Sanpei Optics lenses are scratch-resistant, water-wicking and TAC polarized for optimum clarity with 100% UV protection. The I.M.I.O. model is also adaptable to prescription lenses.

These Sanpei glasses were designed to accommodate iPhone (or standard) ear buds as well as Sanpei earbuds. Sanpei ear buds come with a high fidelity 10mm drivers that deliver rich bass and clear treble. The glasses will be shipped with both high-fidelity 10mm waterproof ear buds and ear buds with inline microphone for hands-free communication. The three different sizes of silicone tips would ensure perfect fit. The ear buds come with the standard 3.5mm jack and fit today’s most popular devices, including: iPhone, Android phones, iPad and ipod Touch etc.

Sanpei sunglasses are now up for funding on Indiegogo, which is a low rent version of Kickstarter and will be priced around US$ 150, but can be buy it for US$90, if you become an early-bird contributor.

Via: CultOfMac