Designer conceptualizes robot that can be worn on a wrist

November 4, 2012 Admin Accessories

It may come as a bit of a shocker, but the above pictured conception is not a wristwatch, or rather not only a wrist watch. In fact, it is a wearable robot. Yes, a full fledged robot that can perform all the managing tasks of the owner’s life (much like Apple’s voice software Siri). However, this ‘robot’ can offer a much more personalized and varied service, given that it can comprehend the owner’s individual psychological framework (unlike Siri).

Now, before ranting about the technical side of affairs, let us clear your question – how does this bantam gear gets to be called a robot? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Much of our pop culture has examples of humanoid robots that excel at both strength and logical intelligence. However, the flaw with this representation in real life scenarios is that humans won’t allow or at least accept such super human entities in their societies. Thus the solution remains in the form of unobtrusive, ‘device like’ robot designs that are simple yet efficient in their working.

In this regard, designer Julian Grote has conceived the ‘robotics in everyday life’, a simplistic wearable robot system. Endowed by an advanced electro active polymer surface, the robot totally understands the behavioral pattern of the user by gauging his/her habits, preferences, appointments and even emotional aspects like mental stresses. Corresponding to these personal patterns, the robot can produce visuals and sound by appropriate video and acoustics. Moreover, the robot can also move, thus drawing the attention of its owner when needed.

Via: ID-Mag