Wearable glasses with wide angle cameras for making video calls

October 3, 2012 Gaurav Sood Gear

CEATEC Japan 2012 has kicked off in a big way and we are geared up for some very interesting new products on display and one of them that stole the show was TV phone glasses prototype by NTT Docomo. It is a headpiece like glasses having seven cameras for capturing the facial image of the person and sending it to the person with whom one is communicating. One of these cameras is on the back side of the headpiece which captures the back side of the person wearing it and there are three ultra-wide cameras on each side of the glass frame to capture each facial movement of the wearer. The person on the other end of the receiving call will see a virtual animated picture of the person overlaid on top of the background positioned in front.

As the person speaks the mouth movements are animated based on the sound input and previous images of the person as the cameras won’t be able to capture it. The problem that this device looks to solve is to eliminate the need for holding mobile phone in front of your face while having a video call. Not only that the glasses are also capable of monitoring wearer’s health and recommend the kind of diet for the same. The wearable technology is still in the concept prototype stage and is looking forward to becoming mobile phone wearable eye device in the coming future.

Via: News.yahoo