Memoirs functional USB jewelry courtesy 3D printing for hot fashion style statement

July 2, 2012 Gaurav Sood Fashion

It’s the high tech age and so the jewelry of this age should also be drenched in technology. Memoirs by Ashleigh Woodmass is a collection of fashionable jewelry with a functional USB embedded to have music, photos and other important files right at your fingertips. The collection includes rings, earrings and necklaces that let you flaunt fashion statement with the option to pass this digital jewelry to your coming generations.

Since this fashionable jewelry is produced using 3D printing technology therefore it can be finished in a range of materials like silver, brass or antique bronze keeping the USB in place when you wear it. The design of the jewelry is very beautiful with special emphasis on the fact that when you have to insert the USB in any compatible device it is ultra-easy to do without any hassles.

Memoirs jewelry surely will attract masses as it has a very good utility of storing files and keeping them with you at all times, of course with the fashionable element attached to it.

Via: DesignBoom