Pressure-sensing insole and wristband to curb diabetic peripheral neuropathy

July 2, 2012 Bharat Technology

Diabetes is one of the most fatal deceases worldwide, claiming millions of lives each year. Problems like decreasing eyesight and diabetic peripheral neuropathy are common problems associated with diabetes that make the patient end up losing eyesight or become can amputee. There have been lenses etc made to treat patient with Glaucoma (resulting out of diabetes) or instruments to track the blood sugar levels, but SurroSense Rx is first solution to address the problem of peripheral neuropathy.

The SurroSense Rx by Canada-based Orpyx, is a state-of-the-art pressure sensing insole which comes with a wristband to alert a diabetic when the feet are being damaged. The insole is specifically designed to mitigate diabetic foot complications that besides causing damage to the tissues or causing infections can also lead to amputation. Pressure data from the foot is collected by the SurroSense Rx and is then wirelessly sent to the accompanying wristband which has a display to alert and show the user about the damage being done to the foot, which can actually help avoid devastating complications.

The coin battery powered SurroSense Rx that will roll out for purchase sometime later in the year has eight force sensors embedded into it, the sensors sampled at 4Hz frequency analyze the force data and with the help of a specialized software the risk profile of the raw force is mapped which using ANT+ wireless profile is then transferred to the wristband. Using the wristband’s display the user can now monitor the damage being cased to the foot and remain conscious about the alterations and fight peripheral neuropathy. Check out the video for more insight.