Flexible wearable antenna system for quicker breast cancer detection than mammography

July 2, 2012 Bharat Technology

Breast cancer is most common type of cancer detected in women across the globe and it has steadily emerged as the top cancer killers in women. It is believed that early detection of breast cancer increases survival rate among breast cancer patients, but unavailable sources for early cancer detection have been a vital reason why millions of women have lost their lives. Now, a team of researchers at the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis have developed a bra-like wearable antenna system, with a motive to help women detect breast cancer early by regular screening.

Though, this flexible wearable imaging system that uses non-ionizing radiation (unlike mammography, which utilizes ionizing radiation) to detect cancerous breast tissues isn’t a standalone system and will be used with a conventional mammography system. But it surely is a cost effective cancer detection system to detect cancerous tissues in the breast earlier than with any other process.

The present day mammography technique is cumbersome and misleading at times, and also the breast tumors often obscured by dense breast tissues make it difficult for cancer detection, often leading to unnecessary biopsies. This is where the wearable antenna system which is being worked upon to convert microwave signals into 2D and 3D images of the breast tissues, which will be easily identified early.

Via: NewsMedical