Limited edition Swarovski studded Senseo coffee maker

March 26, 2010 Gaurav Sood Lifestyle

Having Philips products in your home means you know what’s best, but there are still scopes of making them even better, not necessarily in functionality, but esthetically. The new limited edition Senseo coffee machine, which has been embellished with Swarovski crystals, is a nice example of what I wanted to express in the initial lines.

Designer Irina Volkonskii has meticulously blended these little jewels with Imperial purple Senseo to depict two small shining cups on the side of the machine. The idea is provide you an opportunity to gift a luxurious coffee maker to your mother on Mother’s Day. That’s why this limited edition Senseo coffee machine will be available in the stores in May with a price tag of 100 euros.