Russia to develop secret Bucket Rover

March 25, 2010 Admin Autos

Russians can’t be underestimated in any field and if you are, then let me tell you are making a big mistake. The latest news is that they are going to develop a Bucket Rover. I could only manage to get some images and don’t know about the specification. After looking at images, it seems that it has capacity of two passengers and meant to be used on earth only. Aerodynamics seems be ignored, don’t know why, and car looks a complete replica of a dust bin. It’s almost impossible for me to understand the mechanical part included in the backside, which is exposed when you pull the back door from its handle, similar to that in a bucket.

Russians, really, you are the ultimate entertainers. You have got the spirit to rise above the average mind and find funniest or say strange ways to mould normal things into bizarre. If I missed something then please help me to spot it by giving a close look at the images.