HOLO computer concept – Future of mobile computing

March 26, 2010 Gaurav Sood Lifestyle

How small and portable a computer can be? It’s almost impossible for us to avoid computer in our everyday life. Industrial designers show us glimpses of the future we are heading towards by their unusual concepts. Designer Elodie Delassus’s HOLO computer concept is hinting at the necessity of computers and need to make them easier to carry.

With the facts that holographic and sound vibrations are the future, he has re-invented the computer through his design. From the images and information available, we can figure out that this futuristic gadget is as small as a bracelet, which you can wear or put in pocket. The proposed material is flexible and resistance, so that safety issues could be dealt with efficiently. Further material needs to be shape retaining and non-conductive and non-allergic and most important, heat resistant. All these aspects have been considered by designer and he suggests promising bioplastic material to ensure all these aspects. The concept is very alluring, no doubt, but without technical specifications and functional information it’s just like a hypothesis that is waiting for proof in get materialized.

Elodie Delassus