Forget gym and try the O2 Magnetic Dumbbells to make muscles anywhere and everywhere!

October 31, 2012 Gaurav Sood Featured

We all love to see ourselves as lean, muscular and in shape and the most appealing parts of the human body are chest and biceps. But making those guns look bigger is not easy! One has to pump a lot of iron and have an excellent proteinaceous diet to make muscles stronger and bigger so that we are healthy and aesthetically appealing to all. To help guys and the women folk workout in a better way than traditional gym training, Mr. Suhyun Yoo has devised electro-magnetic dumbbells called the O2 MAGNETIC DUMBBELLS which are ideal for working out at any place, any time in any condition. While it is impossible to carry an entire dumbbell rack when you need to work out and can’t make it to the gym, these dumbbells are fully portable and give the same results as any set of dumbbells would give and the best thing about the O2 MAGNETIC DUMBBELLS is that they are a pair and not a rack and the intensity and weight levels can be increased and decreased by simply adjusting the levels of electronic power.

The display on the dumbbells indicates 8 circled bars, which represent an additional weight of 3 kgs/circled bars. This enables the user to workout with weight options starting from 3 kgs to 24 kgs. Finally, the weight trainer can follow the repetitions of each training set as it can be indicated on the display in the middle of the device and get a comprehensive over all view of the current training status. So, forget those dumbbell racks and waiting for your turn in a gym to just performing 2 sets of dumbbell training. All you need is the O2 MAGNETIC DUMBBELLS and you can workout at your ease, whenever and wherever you want.