Heart Beats wristwatch shows time exactly as you feel when your heartbeats for someone special

July 10, 2012 Gaurav Sood Gear

Have you ever felt that time stops by as your heart beats for that someone special? Certainly you would have had that feeling once in your lifetime at-least and now we do have a watch that has the power of time control to exemplify this very feeling. Julie Legault, an interdisciplinary designer has created a wristwatch which adjusts time according to heartbeat of the wearer to give a whole new meaning to this dimension of universe called time. The idea of this wristwatch is to shrink hours as your heartbeats with time measured and regulated only for you to make you realize how time has speeded up or come to a halt with that elusive stimulus.

Heart Beats is the name for this wristwatch and the time in this watch is modified according to the wearer’s heartbeat. Amalgamating art and science together Heart Beats timepiece truly depicts the complexities of human body and time concept in a physical object. Showing a much broader perception of life and time itself the wristwatch shows how internal clocks, health and immortality are woven into one aspect.

So the next time you feel your heart beating for someone special and sense that time has just fizzed past or stood still for hours the Heart Beats wristwatch will show exactly how you felt inside all this time.

Via: V2