Listen to music and answer calls with Buhel Speakglasses SG04 Bluetooth sunglasses

July 11, 2012 Bharat Gear

There are sunglasses that protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays and there are sunglasses like the Buhel Speakglasses SG04 that not only protect the eyes from UV rays but also double up as Bluetooth headset. The stylish sports goggles best for skiers and cyclists is equipped with polarized high quality polycarbonate UV400 protected, anti-scratch and high impact resistant lenses. Featuring built-in Bluetooth the Speakglasses SG04 connects to any smartphone, music player or GPS and acts as a Bluetooth headset to let the user listen to music or answer calls automatically in hands-free mode.

The Speakglasses SG04 sunglasses being equipped with bone conduction microphone that’s stuck up into the glass’s frame can easily catch words directly from the nose thus allowing the wearer to carry out a clear conversation in any kind of noise and wind. The sunglasses come with two high quality earphones, one for normal use and other made to fit inside the helmet, now you won’t miss your favorite song down the ski slope or while riding your bike to school.

Product Page Via: GearShout