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New Santa Cruz Carbon Fiber Nomad-c unleashed

The new lighter, sleeker, snappier, and tougher Nomad-c, sorry, Carbon Fiber Nomad-c has made appearance and it’s looking better than its aluminum predecessor. Replacing aluminum with carbon fiber has chopped off 1.25 pounds and boasts more strength and stiffness. New 160 mm travel carbon framed Nomad weighs 6.1 pounds with a RockShox Monarch 3.3 shock.

Emergency alert device for the deaf

Some objects are just the part of our desires and some that of our needs. Designer Sergej Kuckir opted to design something which could benefit those who can’t listen and like other people they can be in a situation where they should be alarmed before any miss happening. For this, Sergej designed a simple device like a radio receiver that makes use of heavy vibrations and light signals to alarm the subject in serious situations.

Futuristic Wheel Chair – Hi-tech mobility for the disabled

Futuristic Wheel Chair – Hi-tech mobility for the disabled

Designer Thomas Ross & Dave Cochrane’s ‘Futuristic Wheel Chair’ concept is indented to create mobility system using best of current technology available to improve the quality of life for individuals who are unable to walk (either at all or without assistance) but who had viable and varied use of their upper body. The concept was designed after considering some specific problems. First of all, wheelchair users often rely on slinging a backpack or similar over the back of their chair. Therefore, a more elegant cargo solution for a personal mobility system, a teardrop extrusion on the back of the product,...

A Fire extinguishing Grenade concept by Brian Kang

Designer Brian Kang suggests a grenade concept, not for destruction, but for helping the fire fighters who risk their lives many times. But how can a grenade work as an extinguisher? The procedure to use it is just like an actual grenade – hold the grenade, remove the safety lock to release the pin, and throw towards the fire.

Horn Dockstation for your iPhone

Along with iPhone there is a flood of applications and features that we can find on web everyday. Everybody has something unique to suggest that can make the iPhone more adorable. I found this iPhone horn dockstation, which looks absolutely a grand thing to attach with the device. I don’t have technical details and whatever I could speculate, is based on the images I found. From the design, it seems that outlet for sound is two way, but in more stylish way. Even without external energy source, this dock stations looks like a hi-fi stereo sound system. Don’t know about...

Celsius X VI II LEDIX – A $300k luxury mobile in steampunk style

I guess ‘Celsius X VI II LEDIX’ is quite a different name for a cell phone, at least for me, and most probably for you too. What attracts most, for an obvious reason, is its mechanical looks, which is also the main appeal of the design. However, the most appealing and surprising part is its price tag of $300k. It doesn’t stand anywhere near your blackberry in applications and functions, but still it will be in demand.

Pikachu Kindergarten Bus – Dream ride for Kids

I am finished with my college, but after looking at this Pikachu kindergarten bus, I wish I could get one more chance. What can be the best way to allure children to go to Kindergarten, so that they don’t miss their toys and fun they can have at home? I will give you 10 /10 for this excellent tricky idea Japanese.

M-Org – Organic Bike concept by Smolyanov Michael V

M-Org – Organic Bike concept by Smolyanov Michael V

Designer Smolyanov Michael V has come out with something different other than usual environment friendly technologies. His Organic Bike, as the name suggests, is entirely made from organic material. In a way, he suggests growing all the parts like suspension, steering, frame, and other components organically. The materials is not only eco-friendly, but also very light in weight and stronger than usual.

Customized Kymco scooter Mitch studded with 100,000 Swarovski crystals

You might not have heard about The Tokyo Motorcycle show, but it’s the place where you can see some surprising models from all the big motorcycle manufactures like Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda etc. and that’s where this customized Kymco scooter “Mitch,” which is studded with 100,000 Swarovski crystals, was on showcase. The 37th Tokyo Motorcycle Show at Tokyo Big Sight had started on 26th of March and ended on 28th and featured some 136 exhibitors.

Rada Acu – World’s first digital mixing valve

How much do you think your washbasin is equipped according to your requirements of hygiene and ease of access? Whatever it might be, but Rada Acu Mixing Valve has something more to offer. Using the latest T-logic digital intelligence technology, Rada has put forth world’s first digital mixing valve that incorporates next generation healthcare applications. Luxury is hard to define without beauty. The interface with LCD and smooth surface looks adorable enough for your home. Further, gives an easy access through non-touch to water flow and temperature adjustment. User can easily activate the functions like Duty Flushing and Thermal Disinfection...