Spy shots of new 225mph Murcielago hypercar

April 5, 2010 Admin Autos

These spy shots of new 225mph Murcielago hypercar seem to be indicating that Lamborghini is trying to get its reputation back which it has enjoyed among supercars. As per the information, the new model boasts of a brand new 7.0-litre V12 engine, rumoured to have between 700-720bhp. Further, maker has switched to carbon fiber body, which is speculated to have reduced its weigh up to 150 kg. That means, the new Lamborghini will be about 1500 kg and believe me, this is going to give it a great acceleration. The power-to-weight ratio of around 470bhp per tonne leaves no doubts about it and rumors further hints at its capability of going 3.0sec to 62mph and 6.0sec to 100mph with a top speed beyond 220mph.

Same source says that the new Lamborghini will not feature a DSG dual-clutch transmission and will have a seven-speed paddle-shift robotised manual as standard with the option of a sequential seven-speed unit. Interiors are most likely to remain untouched. If all this information is correct, then there is no doubt about it that new Lamborghini is going set the road on fire and for all this expect a price tag of over £300k.