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Hi Tech LED glasses developed for visually impaired

The capability to see is one of the greatest gifts provided to human beings, but there are many people around the world who either don’t inherit it by birth or might have lost vision due to some mishap. As a solution for any such vision impairment, a team of researchers at Oxford University under the leadership of Dr Stephen Hicks from the Department of Clinical Neuroscience have come up with a set of LED Glasses dubbed as ‘Smart Specs.’

Wireless EEG headset prototype by Imec, Panasonic and Holst; makes a new mark in neurological diagnosis

It has been around 2 years since the concept of developing a new wireless EEG (Electroencephelograph) and its prototype came into being by a Belgian company, Imec and Voilà. Now after 20 months of research and development, the Belgium based company has announced an 8-Channel, easy-to-set-up wireless headset in collaboration with Panasonic and Holst Centre. The wireless EEG is a further development in the diagnosis of epilepsy and help in finding many neurological anomalies like ADHD etcetera.

Data glove and head tracking device that uses motion capturing system

Developed by a team of master program Media Direction students at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany this data glove and head tracking device is capable of detecting gestures and track objects using the motion capturing system Vicon. Not only this, the data glove has precise head tracking in virtual environment using 3D glasses for enhanced capabilities. The glove has been build using lilypad and bending sensors for gauging finger movements and for sending the data Bluetooth connectivity is available. To calibrate this whole thing a push button and LED is added so that the user can go back...

Automated Anchoring Armour for people who get nervous in social gatherings

For people who get nervous very easily in social situations, Automated Anchoring Armour (AAA) comes as a real bane in any such condition. It employs the method of evoking positive memory with straight stimulus-response conditioning by linking the memory to a certain haptic sensation. AAA works by connecting biofeedback loop (that senses wearer’s state of insecurity) via a galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor and other components like linear actuator, Arduino board, battery pack and electronics are embedded into a mounting which is hooked onto a leather wristband for holding everything in place.

eSSAGE: Bodysuit allows you to get a refreshing massage over Wi-Fi!

There is absolutely no doubt that wireless technology has changed our lives in ways that we could not have imagined. Add to that the wide array of handheld devices in the form of smartphones and tablets and the world now seems to be constantly ‘on the go’. If everything else is available at your fingertips and swipe of the screen, then why not a relaxing and comforting massage offered by a person on the others side of the globe? That is precisely what designer André Cofield thought when he designed the eSSAGE.

Shoe-mounted controller detects gestures to operate your smartphone secretly

We are all smartphone addicts in some way or the other but our excessive use of phones often makes those around us really pissed. Risk sending an email during a family dinner and your spouse is displeased, try sending a text in a meeting and your boss is almost ready to kill you – but all this is set to change with ShoeSense – a smart motion sensor for your shoes that detects hand gestures to let you operate your smartphone secretly.

Thinking cap lights up your emotions on the head to communicate

We are in the world where augmenting human experience through wearable technology has become a norm. Face-to-face communication has taken a back seat and we are looking for newer ways to express our emotions and expressions in day-to-day communication. Considering this, Metti Nordin and Valtteri Wikström had devised a thinking cap for the Wearable Electronics course at Aalto Media Factory.

Apple wins patent for head mounted display, Google Glass has a competitor?

Google Glass has set pace for future of head mounted displays, but it seem Google isn’t the only company trying to make a mark, other companies like Sony and Olympus are also catching up with their respective glasses or wearable displays. And it is just yesterday when Apple has been granted patent for a head mounted display by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which reveals that Apple could be developing augmented reality glasses to rival the much anticipated Google Glasses. The patent titled “Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays” was originally filled way back in 2006.

T-shirt fabric converted into source of electrical power for smartphones

Flexible electronics are the future we are steadily heading towards, we will one day have regular electronics rolled up in our pockets. But before that we’ll need flexible batteries to meet the flexible displays being made these days. To make the future real, researchers at the University of South Carolina have converted a cotton T-shirt fabric into an electrical power source which behaves as a flexible supercapacitor.

Flexible wearable antenna system for quicker breast cancer detection than mammography

Breast cancer is most common type of cancer detected in women across the globe and it has steadily emerged as the top cancer killers in women. It is believed that early detection of breast cancer increases survival rate among breast cancer patients, but unavailable sources for early cancer detection have been a vital reason why millions of women have lost their lives. Now, a team of researchers at the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis have developed a bra-like wearable antenna system, with a motive to help women detect breast cancer early by regular screening.