World’s first programmable tshirtOS prototype redefines future wearable technologies

August 6, 2012 Gaurav Sood Clothing

Currently in prototype stage the tshirtOS is a wearable platform for expressing yourself in a digital format as it packs a LED display, camera, microphone, speaker, oscilloscope Bluetooth, battery, breakout board and accelerometer. All this technology is used for showing tweets, playing music videos, capture pictures and send them via Instagram in a jiffy. This intuitive idea is put forth by Work Club, Cutecirctuit and Ballantine to create world’s first programmable Tshirt prototype and hopefully push it into production if they get enough funds to mass produce it.

TshirtOS can also link to your smartphone courtesy small processors which also provide processing power when needed. The name tshirtOS crops up from the fact that it can be programmed via an iOS app for all together new functionality depending on your creative bits.

Right now there is no information on the probable price of this t-shirt or the worldwide availability date, so we’ll have our fingers crossed as and when it happens.

Via: Engadget/GeekyGadgets