Smart Swimming Goggles comes with an interactive display screen and 3D camera

October 31, 2012 Admin Featured

We are gradually moving into a progressive age, where machines and devices are also judged by their smartness. However, this degree of ‘smartness’ should have more to do with how the contraption harmonizes with human convenience, rather than its intrinsic level of artificial intelligence. Well, the Smart Swimming Goggles certainly abides by this dictum with its myriad of advanced yet convenient features, which goes well beyond its functionality as just a simple eye cover.

Designed by the Korean team of Han Chanhee, Kim Juyoung, Han Dhojin and Kwon Yoonjoo, this conception is the winner of the Ret Dot Award for Design Concept. In this regard, the pair comes with a slew of attributes that are more akin to a computer than an eye wear. These start with the fully interactive screen, which displays a wealth of info crucial to the diver. The information can comprise of details about a fish or underwater plant life, and can also show important parameters like the quantity of oxygen available to the diver.

However, it is not just the smart screen that holds our geek fueled fancy. There is a call button on the left side of the goggles for communicating with other divers. This calling feature is complimented by a built-in GPS component, which shows your exact location underneath the vast ocean. And, if those were not enough, there is also a camera mechanism on the top of the device that allows to you snap full 3D images. These high quality images can then be sent to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth connectivity.

Via: Red-Dot