Apron Alert allows your cooking apron to tweet!

October 30, 2012 Admin Accessories

The quirky trend of odd wearable emanating odd tweets still continues with the Apron Alert. Based around a scientific project that involved improving our kitchen experience, this gear was contrived by some designers at the Smart Design’s Interaction Lab. The basic set up comprises of an apron that remarkably tweets just when the preparation for your meal has started and when it has finished.

The core system of the wearable is based upon Lilypad Arduino and an X-Bee. The input component has a magnetic clasp, which when connected sends the signal to the Arduino. In fact, the clasping ‘on and off’ of the apron triggers the correct interpretation by the Arduino board.

The apron in itself consists of a board at the belly region, divided into three major components – the wireless transmitter, the main Arduino frame and of course the small power source. This board receives the aforementioned clasp signal, and then conveys it wirelessly to the main server. The main server with a separate Arduino board receives and interprets the signal, and then sends the corresponding message via a notification service like Twitter.

At the end, the Twitter (or any other notification service) conveys the message to any user who follows the Aporn Alert account. As a matter of fact, this is where the triggering mechanism comes into play, with the clasp on denoting that cooking has started, while clasp off meaning that the cooking has finished.

Via: FashioningTech