Recycled PET bottles stuffed with human hair makes good seating poufs

June 14, 2012 Admin Offbeat

Designer Ola Giertz Bare designed two odd seating poufs stuffed with human hair, which were collected from the hair salon.  The project is called Bare Hair Project and was designed for Studio Västra Sandgatan, a Swedish hair studio in Helsingborg, Sweden.  It’s not only about recycling hair, but even the poufs are made from recycled PET bottles.


Sitting on human hair sounds odd and not much people would think about using human hair in such a way. Actually, that’s the theme of the Bare Hair Project; recycling and using what is otherwise considered ugly. The hair can be found in abundance at hari salons and it’s cheap too. Even the scope of shades changes with the hair color, as the poufs are transparent.  So, in nutshell, it’s an incredible idea to recycle hair and stuff them into poufs made from recycled PET Bottles, which otherwise would be thrown into landfills or burnt.

If you want to touch it, then the Blare Hair Project will be display at Nordiska Museet in an exhibition.