Kinetic Dress that creates electroluminescent halo around Victorian era clothing

July 4, 2012 Gaurav Sood Fashion

Victorian dress always has that retro charm associated to it and if the same dress can create a magic halo around the wearer depending on their mood or feeling then it is rather unbelievable. But the Kinetic Dress makes it possible because of its reactivity to the wearer’s mood and activities at that point in time. Kinetic Dress is made from elastic textile entrenched with sensors at important points to gauge the body’s vital readings. The external skirt section of this dress is covered with electroluminescent embroidery which displays the analyzed data from the sensors in the form of a spell bounding halo.

Patterns of this light by the electroluminescent embroidery depend on the movement of the wearer, in a way depicting the mood of the wearer and mesmerizing the audience in case it is used in theatrical performances. The technology behind this electroluminescent Victorian dress comes courtesy an algorithm program that is designed to follow the pace of wearer. For example when the wearer is sitting the dress is plain black but as soon as the wearer starts to move the dress gradually starts to light up with blue circles around it creating a halo effect.