Pooping Good Boy and Good Puppy dog floor lamps are offensive!

June 6, 2012 Bharat Funny

There are only a few designers who don’t mind taking things to the weirdest stance possible. Whatshisname is just one of them, and his freakin’ Good Boy and smaller Good Puppy – dog floor lamps are creations to affirm. Both his lamps were made-up to be part of London’s Art Below exhibition, unfortunately they were deemed offensive and banded from the exhibition. Wondering why, well the lamps require you to turn them on or off by stepping on dog turd (fake yes, but offensive)!

I know, not many of us would be eager to step on dog poop day in and day out to switch lamps on and off, well that’s why Whatshisname says the Good Boy and Good Puppy are designed ‘as items of everyday use that make users uncomfortable with every use.’ Here then, if you’re interested in lamps in natural dog pose, looking around in surprise at home, then be good to shell out £2500 (3,900). The lamps are available on order by mail from Whatshisname.

Via: LaughingSquid