One Badass jacket powered by Arduino that keeps away thugs from harming you

July 11, 2012 Gaurav Sood Clothing

Based on a very strange concept of aliening oneself from the crowded TTC subway or for that matter any other public transport system, the Badass jacket protects you from strangers who might be intruding into your comfort zone. Badass is a jacket which is something very different and niche in the wearable technology arena as it safeguards one against the antisocial elements of society especially ones who look to take advantage of other person in TTC. Deemed as a super modern fully functional garment which raises the collar and projects outward spikes automatically when someone gets too close, this could be the answer to social alienation or social security in odd hours especially for women.

Badass jacket is made from alligator clips, black leather, black satin material and matching black threads. Powered by two lithium polymer batteries the jacket hides away the analog distance sensor and servo motors which raises the jacket collar and reveal the metal spikes and studs. For programming LilyPad Arduino is used and to learn more about this unique project jump over to Ocad.