Ferrari World theme park : Breath taking adventurous roller coaster ride at 200 km/h

March 17, 2010 Gaurav Sood Autos

Abu Dhabi is almost near the completion of its Ferrari themed park. To have an idea, it can be said that it will be like Disney world or roller coaster heaven for the speed freaks. Largest indoor park boast of everything that a park can have and that to with word biggest. You will find here 2.15 million square red roofs, of course, inspired from the charming Ferrari with largest Prancing Horse emblem. If you still want more adventure then you can get a rollercoaster ride at the speed of about 200 km/h and that is fastest in the world.

The ride will start from the inside of the park and will ride through the desert before your breath-taking journey ends. You can choose one ride among the two available – F1 G-force and GT Racing coaster. It sounds like real fun and hard to wait, but we have to. Here are few images of the park.

Via : Paultan