Wearable device uses Panasonic’s smart app via NFC for blood pressure monitoring

November 4, 2012 Admin Accessories

Cloud is the new technological evolution that allows potent sharing of info through smart devices. Taking advantage of this vast yet virtual network, the Japanese have contrived the EW-BW53. It is a wrist mounted blood pressure monitoring device that utilizes a specialized Panasonic’s smart app for its job.

In other words, the fully portable EW-BW53 is depended upon the virtue of cloud computing for its various features. These features not only include the monitoring scope, but also a wealth of other related data. They include a ‘notes’ section that covers a built-in manual acting as the user’s guide, and a display that exhibits info relating to graphs, pulse rates and of course blood pressure. Another interesting attribute is the ‘link friend’ option that allows you to connect with other digital blood pressure monitoring devices activated in the remote areas.

All of this of course requires a specialized Panasonic’s smart app, and thus a dedicated Android smartphone whose connection with the device is made through NFC. As a matter of fact, Panasonic has already unveiled their cloud based services which connect a slew of device like steam ovens, rice cookers, air conditioners and even fridge. So, in essence, the blood pressure monitoring app is an extension of their wider commercial scheme. And, according to us, this seems to be the most conscientious Panasonic app among them all.

Via: Dime