Dancing Dress by Ninna uses robotics to dance

June 12, 2012 Admin Fashion

Well, again I came across something, which I can relate to my previous article about Terminator PC Case Mod.  A Dancing Dress for a change to break monotonous fashion trends for a while. Now to be clear, this is not the dress you wear while you dance, but it’s a dress that dances even when you are standing still. Watch the video and you’ll know exactly what  puts it in the odd category.

This video made me laugh at first and you might feel the same for a while. However, Icelandic designer and artisan Ninna Thorarinsdottir used robotics for the movements and controlled them through a remote.   That’s, of course, a new experiment by a fashion designer .It’s not a bad idea actually. The next generation dresses have already prepared for generation energy of their own and the inclusion of micro robots would invent a real digital robotized fashion trend.