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Ergowalker back support for reducing chronic lower back pain and easy mobility

Let it be sedentary lifestyle making us fat or the lack of physical exercise; both have a major contribution in spoiling our health and the very identity of our soul, i.e. our body. Over the past few decades, lifestyle related disorders & maladies have increased one major discomfort in our life and that is chronic lower back (spinal) pain. Though, in 60% cases, its myofascial but can be serious as a symptom of spinal, boney or any other malignancy. Whatever the cause may be, lower back pain can hamper all our activities & cause us to be dull all the...

New Santa Cruz Carbon Fiber Nomad-c unleashed

The new lighter, sleeker, snappier, and tougher Nomad-c, sorry, Carbon Fiber Nomad-c has made appearance and it’s looking better than its aluminum predecessor. Replacing aluminum with carbon fiber has chopped off 1.25 pounds and boasts more strength and stiffness. New 160 mm travel carbon framed Nomad weighs 6.1 pounds with a RockShox Monarch 3.3 shock.

Futuristic Wheel Chair – Hi-tech mobility for the disabled

Futuristic Wheel Chair – Hi-tech mobility for the disabled

Designer Thomas Ross & Dave Cochrane’s ‘Futuristic Wheel Chair’ concept is indented to create mobility system using best of current technology available to improve the quality of life for individuals who are unable to walk (either at all or without assistance) but who had viable and varied use of their upper body. The concept was designed after considering some specific problems. First of all, wheelchair users often rely on slinging a backpack or similar over the back of their chair. Therefore, a more elegant cargo solution for a personal mobility system, a teardrop extrusion on the back of the product,...

Taurus – Safe and zero emission urban transportation concept

Problems in cities are on rise and probably will grow more and more day by day. Traffic, lack of sufficient space and pollution are few main concerns when we talk about urban life conditions. Therefore, designers and scientists are working on concepts that could be helpful in resolving these problems. Designer Erik Lanuza’s Taurus concept vehicle is an example of this. He has suggested a beautiful space efficient design with Zero emission electric motors for cities.

Shadow Ebike: The First ebike with wireless brakes and wireless pedal assist system

Shadow Ebike:  The First ebike  with wireless brakes and wireless pedal assist system

Urban transportation along with traffic is posing substantial challenges to cope up with the emission problem. Technology has created the problem and now technology is seeking to provide the solution. New Shadow ebike is the new buzz in the personal mobility world as it differs from normal electric bikes. Shadow bike is the first electric bike to use the wireless technology. It features wireless brakes, wireless throttle and a wireless pedal assist system, with an integrated battery and motor design powered by proprietary, patent pending Daymak Drive technology. These features make it the most advanced electric bike present in the...