Shadow Ebike: The First ebike with wireless brakes and wireless pedal assist system

March 12, 2010 Admin Autos

Urban transportation along with traffic is posing substantial challenges to cope up with the emission problem. Technology has created the problem and now technology is seeking to provide the solution. New Shadow ebike is the new buzz in the personal mobility world as it differs from normal electric bikes. Shadow bike is the first electric bike to use the wireless technology. It features wireless brakes, wireless throttle and a wireless pedal assist system, with an integrated battery and motor design powered by proprietary, patent pending Daymak Drive technology. These features make it the most advanced electric bike present in the market at present time.

Further, it has set free the user from entangling and prone to damage wires in bike. The bike incorporates lithium batteries that will supply up to 1,000w of power. Along with empowering the wheels, the battery also acts as a generator and user can recharge their gadgets like iPhones, Blackberries or notebook etc. All this sounds awesome taking into new era of biking. With a price tag of $1,499, the Shadow ebike will be available in June.

Via: PRWeb