HOLO computer concept – Future of mobile computing

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  • janam

    how much time does this will take to enter in the market. Waitin

  • Hyin

    As i read in other page -+2015 this kind of computer in market will

    If i understand correctly more or less than 4,5 years.

    Point is :
    1-when will come something new in market how much is it?
    Am i able to buy it?
    2- Is that to late or not?

  • Bryan Jenkins

    Mobile computing is on the rise these days. Maybe we will get a dual core powered cellphones in the future.,`”

  • Isaac Harrison

    mobile computing always have a growing trend in the succeding years*;*

  • Mark Trezise

    I always thought that they would invent computers the size of a bracelet. In fact, this new device can be worn as a bracelet.

  • Ruben

    It’s too thin our technology still needs to develop. Try looking at Spinward Fringe an ebook that takes place a thousand years or so in the future. The people in an isolated station use this same type of device but called a command and control unit or C & C unit.

  • I’ll take two!

  • The projector that could make this happen…