World’s largest house of cards in 44 days using over 218,000 cards

March 12, 2010 Admin Entertainment

Wired and odd news interests us most and it’s a proven fact. So if you want to be popular then you should be able to imagine things which are almost like touching the sky for an average human being. Bryan Berg, an architect, has made news by building world’s largest house with playing cards. It took him 44 days and 4051 decks of playing cards, which means over 218,000 cards.

Amazingly stunning structure, which is a replica of the Venetian Macau casino in China, is 10 meters long and 3 meter high and stands firm without the help of any glue like material. For me, this is incredible and may be for others it can be waste of time and cards.

Via: Newslite/DailyTelegraph