World’s first self-chilling can chills beer at touch of a button in two minutes

June 30, 2012 Bharat Lifestyle

Being out on a beach party, I often forget to carry an ice box or a small freezer as a result being forced to have lukewarm beer to spoil the mood. This is a scenario with most of us, most of the time, but it may stand to change for you, if you are in the UK i.e., with the Chillcan. This self-chilling can to go on sale in the UK later this year, with a push of a button turns lukewarm beer to ice cold drink in two minutes. Yes, our woes seem answered!

On pressing the freeze-activation button at the base of the can, pressurized carbon dieoxide is released from an aluminum capsule within as the CO2 evaporates the content in the can is chilled by good 15 degree centigrade in under two minutes. The Chillcan, which is eco-friendly way to chill drinks than refrigeration or drink dispensers, is developed by Professor Roland Clif of Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey.

The Chillcan is perfect for beach parties and barbeques, now you will not need to carry a refrigeration system along or worry about your drink getting hot. Rather than relying on the polluting dispensers, now you have your own drink cooling system in the self-chilling can. Happy drinking!

Via: DailyMail