Why we need an Invisibility Cloak?

March 19, 2010 Admin Offbeat

No wonder why scientists are going crazy for inventions that were even hard to imagine for humanity. Science is the result of our natural curiosity. Those who follow it, comes out with stunning secrets of nature. All the power lies in front of our eyes held in the firm hands of nature. But now we are up to snatching it from the most appropriate owner and utilize for our recreation or destruction. Invisibility cloak is not far from us. Scientists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and Imperial College London have successfully tested their cloak on an object and made it invisible to human eyes. Using photonic crystals of a sort, they were able to change the direction and speed of the light. In brief, invisibility has been achieved in 3-D, which is, of course a big success.

Be prepared to receive your personal cloak and start planning what would be the first thing you will be doing after going invisible. This question is bothering me most. Why we need an invisibility cloak – for fun or for secret army missions? I agree there are constructive works that will be easier with an invisibility cloak.

However, what if this tool reaches an average human or a person longing for power? I think and average human will first of all like to sit in girl’s dressing room or in their bath room. I want to slap George Bush and I need a cloak. I boy was kidnapped from a busy street by some invisible kidnappers in an invisible vehicle or an invisible bomb exploded killing a number of people. Now real predators will be around hunting you. Congratulations.