The Electric Personal Transporter for the laziest

March 10, 2010 Admin Science

I must say human beings are making every possible effort to feed their laziness. This four wheeled electric personal vehicle is one example. It is meant to give you a small distance ride at a mild speed of 12-14 mph. You can roam effortlessly on sideways, sidewalks, and in park etc. It is powered by a 500-watt electric motor, which is the only thing I find positive in concern with environment. It doesn’t matter how I individually rate it. It can be a great thing for you. So go through the specification and decide if you want one.

A 500-watt electric motor is cased within the hub of each 16” wheel and you can control the speed handlebars and so the breaks on the other side of the handle. Like a normal vehicle, it includes a horn and headlight. You can carry goods in the removable basket that can be handled easily. With a charge of one hour it can take you up to 20 miles. I strongly suggest that It is must buy for the laziest customers. It is available for a price of $1,995.00.

Via: Hammacher