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Fiyta Aeronautics Collection wristwatch for China’s first female astronaut goes into space

Showing off the beauty of oriental women in this vast universe, Fiyta Aeronautics Collection wristwatch was sent off into space along with China’s first female astronaut aboard Shenzhou-9 spacecraft. Taking inspiration from the elegant flying apsaras in Dunhuang frescoes this wristwatch has undergone stringent cold and heat tests in weightlessness of outer space.

Mesmerizing cosmic pinnacle captured by NASA’s Hubble

These images are not taken from any sci-fi movie, but are the real beauty captured by NASA’s Hubble telescope. The mysterious looking mountaintops are mesmerizing enough to captivate the viewer for a while. Have a look at this wonder.

Tweeting from the Space (Videos)

Tweeting from the Space (Videos)

Twitter can bring you in news in seconds. What you need is just to do something different from everyday tweets you post. Astronaut Soichi Noguchi is in news as he is the first person to post from space. An amazing two-minute video of the Earth filmed from the window of the new observation deck on the orbiter posted on his own YouTube channel is the hottest news of the day. Have a look at the videos and think about doing something different like tweeting from under the sea, from mars or anything that will force the readers to say “WTF”.

Amazing Star Wars Ship built with 30, 000 Legos in 2 years

Star Wars again rocks. After the AT-AT walker, another guy, Paul Yperman, did some awesome job with Legos. He spent 2 years building one of the most amazing Star Wars inspired Droid Control Ship. In the final modal he attached 30,000 Lego pieces and that is of course not a small number to handle. Take a look at the pictures below. Don’t think this one is the ultimate. There are more to come.