July 18, 2012 Bharat

We want our cameras and robots to wearable so that we can see a whole new world of augmented reality from their eyes. While Microsoft is doing something of sorts with their shoulder-mount multitouch Kinect-powered projector that converts any surface into a gesture-sensing display, here we have a wearable robot concept from Active Vision Laboratory, which explores larger environments automatically viewing augmented reality on objects of interest. The wearable robot assistant comprises a shoulder mounted self stabilizing active camera and a handheld touch screen display. (more…)

March 23, 2010 Gaurav Sood

As in my last story I had told you that robots are into everything and they are going to replace humans in every field. Another one has arrived – a cooking robot. It’s not the first one, but seems to be more balanced. A retired engineer Liu Changfa has prepared a DIY robot at his home with some ordinary tools and managed to connect to a computer or cell phone to control it. In brief, a pre- programmed robot that will start cooking anything of your taste on your command. In other way you don’t need to request your wife…

March 22, 2010 Admin

Robots are into everything. They are future nurses, nannies, doctors, football players and so on. I think someday human will invent one for chewing food for them. I found this list of eight robots that plays Guitar Hero for, don’t know, whose pleasure. The title says ‘kick ass robots’ and I agree – they will kick our ass one day. Of course, we need one to kick ours ass too. Anyway if you want to read about these video game freak robots then please visit the source. (more…)