October 1, 2012 Bharat

Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia as it is commonly known is a seriously growing disease amid the aged worldwide. While medics and researchers are developing various pills and ways to facilitate lives of such patients, Havering Council, a borough in east London has devised a way to track Alzheimer’s patients using satellites. They are providing patients with a wrist-worn On Track device which transmits GPS signal tracked by a control center. The Alzheimer’s patients are made to wear the On Track device on their wrists, so that can be tracked if they go missing and their care takers can be informed…

July 2, 2012 Bharat

Diabetes is one of the most fatal deceases worldwide, claiming millions of lives each year. Problems like decreasing eyesight and diabetic peripheral neuropathy are common problems associated with diabetes that make the patient end up losing eyesight or become can amputee. There have been lenses etc made to treat patient with Glaucoma (resulting out of diabetes) or instruments to track the blood sugar levels, but SurroSense Rx is first solution to address the problem of peripheral neuropathy. (more…)