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The exquisite Montegrappa N.S. Virgen de Guadalupe Limited Edition Pen

Anyone who’s fond of luxury defining writing instruments would know about Montegrappa, yes, the famed Italian writing instrument brand that’s delivered some of the finest luxury pens out there. And to celebrate first 100 years of Montegrappa, the brand presented Pope Benedict XVI a Montegrappa N.S. Virgen de Guadalupe Limited Edition Pen as a souvenir of affection from the people of Mexico. The creation to commemorate 480th anniversary of the appearance of the Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexico and Latin America on the Cerro del Tepeyac hill.

2PO Design delivers MEES 37 luxury yacht with top speeds of 25 knots

When you want to make something for the rich, it is then that you have to think with the brains of the rich. Based on research of the mindset of the rich, Polatkan from 2PO Design Studio Istanbul, Turkey has designed an art-deco-style, lightweight composite hull MEES 37 yacht that will draw power from a 315hp Yanmar 6LPA engine to reach top speeds of 25 knots. The yacht is about 4 meter long, has a well worked teak deck with a specially handcrafted seating area for 10 people that boast of saltwater resistant leather upholstered chairs.

AMG V12 turntable kills with the looks, amazes with sound

Classic design and meticulous engineering is what makes the Analog Manufaktur Germany Viella 12 or the AMG V12 turntables exquisite. The turntables with their outstanding design and appearance are perfect in sound too, and make the vinyl they play sound melodious then you have heard them before.

Racing Rolls-Royce in Andrew Chirkova’s style

These concept images just depict Andrew Chirkova’s desire to experiment on a racing car Rolls-Royce with a mid-engine layout. As it’s just a concept, not much has been said about the technical specifications; but no doubt, it’s a fabulous treat for those who love sport cars. You can check out the designer portfolio with some first words about the inspiration.

CrystalRoc creates fully crystallized XBOX for Microsoft

For a PR campaign Microsoft had commissioned CrystalRoc to produce a custom Xbox completely studded with Swarovski crystals. This might now be the first time that these two has teamed up together, but this piece is surely a unique one. The very shine, which glazed your eyes, didn’t come in an easy way. The whole piece took more than11,520 individual Swarovski crystals. All the embellishment work was finished in 72 hours. Even without any information about the expenses, it’s not hard to guess, at least, that it’s not a light one. Unfortunately, if you have developed a liking for this,...

Fascinating ‘Liberty’ bullet watch

Bullet might be a symbol of an ultimate power for average human being and it always fascinates them. So here is a special piece for them – a bullet shaped watch, designed by Hublot’s special Confrérie Horlogère division, which you can wear as a necklace or attach it with your keychain. The time bullet is made from titanium with a shell casing made from black aluminum. You can call it ‘Liberty’. This fancy watch that features a tourbillon mechanism and a roller display on the side to indicate time has got a heavy price tag, which might disappoint many of...

Celsius X VI II LEDIX – A $300k luxury mobile in steampunk style

I guess ‘Celsius X VI II LEDIX’ is quite a different name for a cell phone, at least for me, and most probably for you too. What attracts most, for an obvious reason, is its mechanical looks, which is also the main appeal of the design. However, the most appealing and surprising part is its price tag of $300k. It doesn’t stand anywhere near your blackberry in applications and functions, but still it will be in demand.

Rada Acu – World’s first digital mixing valve

How much do you think your washbasin is equipped according to your requirements of hygiene and ease of access? Whatever it might be, but Rada Acu Mixing Valve has something more to offer. Using the latest T-logic digital intelligence technology, Rada has put forth world’s first digital mixing valve that incorporates next generation healthcare applications. Luxury is hard to define without beauty. The interface with LCD and smooth surface looks adorable enough for your home. Further, gives an easy access through non-touch to water flow and temperature adjustment. User can easily activate the functions like Duty Flushing and Thermal Disinfection...

Best ever F40 car for kids

This Ferrari looks one of the best children car ever built. It’s no joke. This car can accommodate two passengers and is powered by 80 cc Honda Motor. This special edition is built by the same company that provides wind tunnel models for the Ferrari and was targeted at the premiere opening of the first Ferrari Dealership in Moscow.