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Stylish and colorful clutches made entirely of Lego Bricks

You’ve always wanted to stand out as fashion statement for your friends and others around you; your wardrobe is filled with the most unique dresses, shoes, clutches and handbags et al? Then, here is your chance to grab on to the rarest of clutches – rare because this dark blue clutch is made entirely with Lego bricks and is only made to order. Agabag can make the handbag in any color you prefer, multi-colored clutches are also available.

Real nasty LEGO Spider from Doctor Mobius

Jason Ruff or Doctor Mobius has gone for something creepy this time with his new LEGO Spider. It’s a nightmare for those suffering from arachnophobia and even for others, it can be. Don’t know what sort of LEGO bricks he has used, but those hairy looks are awesome. There are more of things we hate about spiders – egg missiles and drones. In one line – this LEGO spider looks nasty and no kid would ever like to play with something like this, unless he is psychotic. But, one thing is sure that, creating something like this is not an...

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Skyhook

I am back again with some LEGO job. No true Star Wars lover can forget the grand Skyhooks orbiting Curascant. If your memories are fading then let me refresh them with this wonderful LEGO ‘Star Wars Darth Vader Skyhook’.

Marvelous 10 ft long LEGO Pennybacker Bridge made with 14,000 pieces

There is rarely any day that goes without any news about LEGO work. Earlier we have seen wonderful Avatar helicopter and Star Wars space ship made from LEGO pieces and they were of their own kind. Not only these but there are plenty of replicas available, but still the saturation point hasn’t been reached. Here is the new creation by TJ Avery – a gigantic 10 ft long model of the Pennybacker Bridge made from 14,000 pieces that weighs about 40 pounds.

Awesome LEGO Avatar Helicopter

Avatar mania is not going to end soon and this LEGO Helicopter is one tremendous example of it. It looks cool, but something is missing. Oh! Alright, where is the pilot? Without Michelle Rodriguez it’s lifeless. However, you can enjoy the craftsmanship. Here are few images and a video.