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GroundWave Shadow Trainer sneakers teach you how to dance with perfection

Combining amazing design aesthetics and latest in motion sensing technology these cool looking sneakers can teach you how to tap your feet so that the world notices you. Designed by Industrial Designer Tom Sykes as part of his Final Year Project at Loughborough University Design School, he named them as GroundWave Shadow Trainer. Working in harmony with app specifically made to track the wearer’s feet movement courtesy accelerometer and sensors embedded in the shoe, GroundWave Shadow Trainer keeps you motivated to perfect those moves with video game like curiosity to keep going on till perfection is achieved.

Stetheadphone from Antrepo Design Industry

If one of your many desires, one was to become a doctor and wear that stethoscope around your neck, then the Antrepo Design Industry has got a candy for you. Their “Stetheadphone” might not be able to make you a doctor, but for sure, is a cool tool to enjoy music and use your communication devices.

M-Org – Organic Bike concept by Smolyanov Michael V

M-Org – Organic Bike concept by Smolyanov Michael V

Designer Smolyanov Michael V has come out with something different other than usual environment friendly technologies. His Organic Bike, as the name suggests, is entirely made from organic material. In a way, he suggests growing all the parts like suspension, steering, frame, and other components organically. The materials is not only eco-friendly, but also very light in weight and stronger than usual.

Cool Vertical Clock by Klaus Rosburg

Industrial designing is sometimes like serving you the same thing in a different manner and style and this is what Brooklyn-based designer Klaus Rosburg has tries to do. His vertical clock design shows the same time which any other normal clock will show, but in a more stylish manner.