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Megan Fox and Bumblebee are to get new looks in Transformer 3(Images)

Transformer 3 is on its way and, of course, maker is trying to make it better than earlier two. You will witness a change in both, the guardian ‘Bumblebee’ and Megan Fox. Modified Fox? Well, better we leave it for later. Let’s talk about the car.

First full scene Iron Man 2 trailer out

I am among those fans of sci-fi movies who are waiting desperately for Iron Man 2. We have seen few glimpses, which were looking promising, but here is the first full scene trailer of the movie. Watch your superhero landing among the girls on dance floor. I am posting another video too with small bits of never before seen footage.

Must watch Ghost Recon Future Soldier trailer

The Ghost Recon Future Soldier will be out this year, but before that an action trailer, which is meant to make gamers familiar with the game is out. Game is multiplayer, but, don’t know whether it’s for only two players or more. A short live action movie is said to be made with a budget of $8 – $10 million. The trailer looks awesome and personally I am dying to play it. It has got everything one can expect in a futuristic military game, rather, will get more than enough.

Tron Legacy trailer and new photos released

Disney’s much-anticipated adventure film ‘Tron Legacy’ has come up with some cool 3D effects. Featuring Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn a software engineer, the movie is expected to continue the trend which Avatar has started. The trailer arouses hopes, but the final impression will come out with the release of movie in December