Megan Fox and Bumblebee are to get new looks in Transformer 3(Images)

May 10, 2010 Admin Entertainment

Transformer 3 is on its way and, of course, maker is trying to make it better than earlier two. You will witness a change in both, the guardian ‘Bumblebee’ and Megan Fox. Modified Fox? Well, better we leave it for later. Let’s talk about the car.

The new 2011Chevrolet Camaro has been given some fresh looks, which you will notice if you give a close look at it. The vehicle has darker wheels with a gold-colored Chevrolet bowtie, a new front lip, rear spoiler, matching sideskirts, new fog lights, and a revised rear-disc brake vent design. You will find the racing stripes on the roof too. Go through the images and try to spot the modifications in both, Megan and Bumblebee.