Skateboard-styled Compact Mobility concept

April 6, 2010 Admin Autos

Urbanization is posing problems and as usual, we are trying to solve them after creating them ourselves. It’s a long debate. I just wanted to bring your attention to a new invention by Professor Furukawa Osmaus – a skateboard-styled compact personal mobility device for urban conditions. It’s a sort of board that you can drag with you inside your office if you want. This 80kg commuter can take you on short distance journeys at a maximum speed of 10km/h and, of course, it will be stupid to think that this 300×600x250mm sized thing can replace scooters or bikes.

It’s just meant for a ride to nearby station or shopping complex, and that too, when you are not in hurry. If you have developed liking for this thing, then hopefully, be ready to buy one somewhere near the end of this year.

AkihabaraNews/ GizmoWatch