Scary Terry’s Computer Controlled Coffin

March 28, 2010 Admin Offbeat

What will be your reaction if you find a coffin in your graveyard and as you go closer, it opens with groaning sounds and from midst of fog appears Elvis? Sure you will cry, but with joy or horror? Well, the ‘Kitchen Sink Coffin’ is what I am talking about. No, it has nothing to do with kitchen sink and I didn’t find any logic either. Let’s get straight to the point. According to Scary Terry’s, it was inspired from WickedBeernut’s (WBN’s) Computer Controlled Coffin, which might be having a story behind too. A pre-programmed electronic coffin might give help you in a freaky prank.

In the original wording:

The coffin starts shaking and you hear some groaning sounds from within. The lid slowly rises and in amongst the fog you’ll see Elvis. With a roar and a scream, Elvis pops up. He then turns his head towards the onlookers and says ‘thank you, thank you very much.’ He then lays back down to the music ‘Return to Sender’ playing. Once the lid closes, the coffin shakes again and the song ‘I’m all Shook Up’ plays. It concludes with a voice saying ‘Elvis has left the graveyard.

If you are interested in the making of the coffin, then check out it all the technical specification, coding, and diagrams on Scary Terry’s.