RC Live Steam Tank 1 in action

March 11, 2010 Admin Technology

This small steam powered tank might not be of any use today, but it tells all about the basic science behind the working of locomotives. Stage by stage, the maker ended up with a perfect fully working piece. It wasn’t an easy task. First a wilesco D49 double piston engine was tested, but was removed as it was using up too much steam for the vertical boiler to keep up. RC control was added to the final model in which a Mamod SE3 boiler with super heater replaced the earlier one.

After making sure that everything was working properly, each part was permanently attached with each other. The tank can be fuelled with alcohol or solid fuel tablets and a 2 Channel Futaba RC gives a nice control over it. With a pressure at about .75 – 1.5 Bars per full tank, it can run for 10-15 minutes. It looks like a classic thing crawling on ground. Check out the images and the video given below to see it in action.