Pollution sensing jacket lights up LEDs to warn you of hazardous air quality

July 16, 2012 Bharat Clothing

Men have not been graced with the best in wearable technology yet, but it’s not the case anymore. Dutch design duo Nieuwe Heren have designed a really innovative men’s jacket that will combat against the dangerous air pollution in urban environments. Dubbed the Aegis Parka the jacket uses sensors to detect common air pollutants like alcohol, Benzene, smoke, NH3, Nox and CO2 and warns the wearer by illuminating the embedded LEDs when pollutants reach dangerous levels. More the level of pollution more LEDs illuminate.

The sensors and LED laden Parka not only detects pollution but it also comes with a carbon filter respirator, which the wearer can hold up to inhale fresh oxygen. The Jacket is treated with TiO2 (titaniumdioxide) solution that cleanses the environment owing to its photo-catalytic properties and provides a positive balance to the air quality. The inside of the Parka is made with Schoeller Ceraspace – using ceramic particles and PCM to keep garment’s temperature cool and comfortable for the wearer.

Via: DesignMilk/FashioningTech