Pocket Brief is a revolutionary product for Nephrostomy patients

October 27, 2012 Gaurav Sood Accessories

You might have seen many folks carrying Urine bags in their hands when you make a visit to a hospital. Many of these can be simply urine bags inserted into the bladder vie urethra for patients who have some urogenital or renal anomalies but greater is the ordeal with guys who undergo Nephrostomy (a procedure that diverts waste liquid from the kidneys through a tube). For these patients, their pain is already a cause for bothering and tribulation and upon that they have to store their waste flushed from the kidney into external bags which not only look displeasing but also can burst, drain or entangle into something, increasing the ordeal for the sufferers with a danger of invoking deadly infections to the pair of kidneys.

But now, Quirky has come up with an option to solve this problem and lessen the stress on patients who have gone under Nephrostomy. Quirky has made a worn-able bag or should I say Pocket Brief that contains twin nephrostomy bags. This light-weight, 14.25” in height brief is built-in with side pockets which can store nearly 600ml each quite, securely and discreetly. The brief is made from breathable material, clasping waistband elastics having buttons for holding the catheters, being comfortable in fitting and size and is easy to wear. This brief may not be able to ease the pain of the sufferer but can give them a relief from the trouble of storing and carrying nephrostomy fluid in traditional manner.