Pamela Anderson’s bronzed twins go on sale

May 8, 2010 Admin Entertainment

There are always two extremes of anything and if you are able enough to touch anyone of them, then you are a known personality. Marc Quinn has always taken interest in sculpting such personalities. He has already earned fame with his earlier sculptures in which he depicted a man who changed his face to look like a cat, and Thomas Beattie, the “man” (he was born female) who became pregnant, and now he is up again with Pamela Anderson.

A glittering twin polished from bronze is dedicated to those who in the word of Quinn, “have decided to change the outside of their bodies to fit how they feel inside”. Dressed in a bra and thong with tattoos, the twin is standing on high heels. There are others also at the exhibit, but this one arouses interest of most of the viewers. If you want to buy one then make sure you have approximately something between £50,000 to £350,000 in your hands because that’s the latest prize of his artworks.