OMRON develops advanced and fast hand gesture recognition technology for mobile devices

May 30, 2012 Admin Technology

Motions sensing and gesture recognition might not sound unfamiliar to those waiting to interact to machines through normal body gestures completely. However, new hand gesture recognition technology developed by OMRON is just onto making it finer and mobile. It’s no more limited to Nintendo  Wii, but OMRON has put it into mobile devices compatible with android and iOS mobile operating systems. Using OKAO Vision, a Japanese image sensing technology, the program uses statistical classification method and model-fitting technology in a small memory. A 40-pixel image (minimum) in height will help best detecting hand movements in any direction like up, down, left and right. The gestures can be best detected anywhere between a range of 10 cm to several meters. Snapdragon 1 GHz processor can process gesture quickly when either activated by waving movement of hand or analyzing the link between direction and position of face.

It sounds simple, but this makes the interaction with the device more automatic and natural. As compared to the present models, it’s a great development to be able to integrate this magical technology in mobile devices with fast processing of images up to 30 frames per second. The OMRON’s development in gesture recognition technology holds promises for bringing the ultimate experience to mobile devices like phones and tablets, it’s compatibility with integrated cameras, and webcams makes it suitable for controlling PCs too. Moreover, new generation TVs, digital cameras and many other electronics can accommodate the innovation for better gesture controlled easy commands.

There are not much words about any specific device or brand, which would launch the technology specifically, but OMRON wants to work more on face detecting and movement detection technology to create better devices, which can comprehend complex human movements for easier control. The technology is expected offer great help even in the medical devices and machines too.