Mandibular Eyewear by Emma Montague for that toothy eye protection

June 25, 2012 Gaurav Sood Fashion

Emma Montague is a natural history enthusiast who spends most of her time surrounded by carcasses and fittingly so her new collection of sunglasses which have the side frame as a mandible is jaw-dropping in retrospect. Made from black horn, the jaw bones of deer and acetate; the inspiration to make this Mandibular Eyewear came when one day she put her Ray Ban sunglasses down by the side of a mandible.

There and then the idea struck to craft eyewear that has mandible frames and by I tell you, these look differently cool on first look and street charmers on second one. The mandibles come from the deer culled by The British Deer Society and this eyewear is surely one that will drop your jaws right down to the mandibular Eyewear.