Lisa Watsons’ architectural jewelry for a colorful summer treat

July 30, 2012 Bharat Accessories

Summers’ are on and there is no doubt all you gals would be looking out for some vibrant, colorful and trendy jewelry to go with your multihued clothing. Enter Containment – a collection of colorful jewelry (bangles, rings and necklaces) designed for her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Jewelry by Lisa Watson. Very enthusiastic about modern lifestyle driven so much by geometric shapes, structures and colors – Lisa’s jewelry design are inspired by postmodern architecture.

The jewelry designs are similar to skyscrapers – translucent structures with colors of urban neon lights (seen in the houses and buildings around the Mediterranean Sea). These are made from acrylic sheets and rods in combination of cubic shapes, multi-layer structures in bright colors and transparent material. The Jewelry is beyond anything we’ve seen previously – there are fresh, fancy, edgy and vibrant, thus are perfect to take home this summer.

Via: WeHeart